Call for Symposium

Regional Human Rights Systems (I CIL)

The I Congress of International Law – Regional Human Rights System (I CIL), in its first edition, is devoted to the Regional Human Rights System. A constructivist, inter-disciplinary and multidisciplinary approach to human rights in the international legal order will be privileged. Therefore, the I CIL will accept proposals with descriptive studies on theoretical, methodological or research questions related to social sciences in general and law, particularly research proposals with a legal-empirical aim.

The I CIL will enable researchers, scholars, students, professionals and policymakers, grounded on thoughts dispended on the regional human rights systems at the international level, to see their works published internationally and network with other global human rights researchers.

Benefits of symposium coordinators:

Formal requirements of the proposal

1. Modalities:

  • Presentation in person.
  • Virtual presentation.

2. Working languages:

The official languages of the I CIL will be, exclusively, Portuguese, English, or Spanish. However, all abstracts must be submitted in Portuguese or English.

The final publication will be subject to a call for papers with its specific rulings and must also be written in Portuguese or English.

3. Operation of in-person and virtual presentations:

The Participants present all the accepted papers in an auditorium conducted to the related thematic symposia. These allow a more flexible schedule with the aim of everyone to make a presentation on his work.

Each Participant in the modality of in-person and virtual communication has a maximum limit of fifteen (15) minutes to present their communication. The debate will take place every 3 or 4 speeches and again before the end of the Symposium.

Virtual presentations performed on the I CIL are live-streamed on the event’s virtual platforms. They also are recorded and registered.

4. Submission of a symposium proposal

– The submission must be performed by the template available at:

– Each Symposium must have at least two people in its coordination.

– At least one of the coordinators must have an academic qualification at Master Level.

– The submission must be made by the deadline.

– The Scientific Committee will be responsible for the evaluation of submissions.

– If the submission is accepted, the Symposium will be published on the I CIL website so that interested people can submit their abstracts to the Symposium/a of their preference.

– The proposal should contain a summary of the Symposium up to a maximum of 300 words.

– Each Symposium has to be submitted together with a photograph of each person composing its coordination in JPG format. The picture has only publication purposes on the event’s website next to the Symposium identification.

– The coordinators may also submit up to two papers in other symposia where they are not coordinators.

– For the Symposium to work, it must have at least five approved abstracts and a maximum of 10 approved abstracts regardless of the modality in which it will work (in person or virtual).

– If this requirement is not met, the received communications may be conducted to other symposia, delving into the topic.

-The choice of the modality of operation is made by the Symposium’s coordinator. The organization may suggest possible changes because of regulating the balance in the process of the event.

– The presentation of each abstract may take a maximum of 15 minutes.

-The due diligence of the Symposium (time management, the order of presentation, duration, moments of debate, etc.) will be of the Symposium’s coordinators’ responsibility, complying, therefore, with the general rules of the I CIL.